Издавачка делатност - Selected Essays in Roman History and Epigraphy


Slobodan Dušanić

Year of publication: 2010.
Book size: 21 cm
Number of pages: 1151

“The present book unites Roman papers – mostly written by me alone but some of them the fruit of joint efforts with Milioje Vasić and Žarko Petković – which I hope may be of wider interest. They are grouped thematically in three parts, which are entitled, respectively: Military Diplomata (Ess. I 1-17), Mining in Illyricum (Ess. II 1-14), and Rome, Italy and the Provinces (Ess. III 1-17) – the unity of this last being less obvious than that of chapters I and II. All three parts open with separate studies which deal generally with the matters analysed in the articles which follow.

With rare exceptions, the Essays are in the form in which they appeared in classical journals or collections. Owing to the limitations of space, no important corrections or critical completions have been proposed, nor reviews from learned periodicals noted, despite their relevance.”

Slobodan Dušanić