Institute for Pedagogy and Andragogy - About the Institute

About the Institute

The Institute of Pedagogy and Andragogy was established in 1983 in order to conduct scientific research in the field of Pedagogy and Andragogy, as well as to improve these scientific fields. The Institute has also been focussed on developement of young researchers and professional development of academic staff.

The following tasks are identified as part of the Institute's overall objectives:

  • Conducting scientific research in the field of Pedagogy and Andragogy
  • Improving scientific and research methods in education
  • Searching for possibilities and ways of applying scientific results in practice
  • Collecting and processing data and other materials significant for further development of Pedagogy and Andragogy
  • Organising scientific conferences
  • Publishing results of scientific work
  • Cooperating with relevant scientific institutions at home and abroad
  • Developing young academic staff and including students into scientific research
  • Assisting in teaching.

The Director of the Institute for Pedagogy and Andragogy is Aleksandra Pejatović, Associate Professor.