Activities and Goals

Activities and Goals

The Center for the Study of Jewish Art and Culture is an academic research institution whose aim is to inspire, coordinate and realize research activities in the field of Jewish visual and material culture, on the territory of Serbia, southeastern Europe, and beyond, covering a chronological framework spanning centuries of Jewish art and culture, from late antique to the early modern period. Special emphasis is placed on all pertaining visual phenomena.

    Academic (teaching) activity

  • Realization of winter academic workshop „Jewish Art and Tradition“. Ten years after it was first held, this workshop has become the nucleus of academic and scientific cooperation between the Department of Art History of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, and numerous international experts and institutions which are dedicated to the field of Jewish studies.The constant and growing interest on the part of students of the Faculty of Philosophy and other faculties of the University of Belgrade, as well as those from abroad, have indicated the necessity of founding a center which will constantly be engaged in organizing and coordinating this form of academic activity.
  • Exchange of students, PhD candidates and lecturers realized in cooperation with partner institutions abroad and encouraging individual research projects among students at all levels of higher education through mentoring.
  • Organization of invited lectures and thematic lectures.

    Scientific research acitivities

  • Development and realization of multidisciplinary national and international research projects.
  • Cooperation with research and institutions of higher education and culture at home and abroad with an aim to enhance and promote culture and science.
  • Publishing of results of research in the form of monograph studies, collections of studies, periodicals, and other types of publications, including on-line publication.
  • Organizing scientific colloquia, symposia, and congresses, exhibitions, and other forms of cultural activities.

    Research and academic cooperation

  • Coordinating of existing projects:

    Cooperation agreement signed between the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade and the Ben Gurion Univesity of the Negev, Israel.
  • Establishing research and academic cooperation with similar institutions worldwide.