lucida intervalla
časopis za klasične nauke
a journal of classical studies


uredništvo — edited by

Aleksandar Loma (Beograd)
Boris Pendelj (Beograd)
Vojin Nedeljković (Beograd), editor-in-chief
Daniel Marković (Cincinnati)
Dejan Matić (Leiden)
Sandra Šćepanović (Beograd), secretary of the board
Dragana Dimitrijević (Beograd)
Il Akkad (Beograd)



Lucida intervalla was founded by a group of members of the Department of Classical Studies in Belgrade in 1998, at the time when they perceived their reading and interpreting of ancient texts as sobering acts and breakouts from confusing reality. Hence the name of the journal. The initial idea was to provide students of Classics and general audience with reliable and up to date editions (introductions, original texts, translations, and commentaries) of important and not yet translated works of Greek and Latin literature. In the next 15 years more than 40 volumes were published. The focus of the journal gradually shifted from translations to scholarly contributions, while the proportion of contributions in languages other than Serbian increased slowly but steadily. Today Lucida intervalla is an international peer-reviewed journal devoted to publishing original scholarly research in all areas of Classical Studies.


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45 (2016)


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46 (2017)

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